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National SMS services

  • 2 Way SMS Messaging, send and receive text messages worldwide
  • Web Interface for full control over your account including real time logs and reports
  • Access to our web SMS applications
  • Intelligent message sending so that your messages will be delivered within seconds
  • Dynamic Sender ID (OA) Originator address easily specified as any name or number
  • Binary SMS support for WAP push, ringtones, logos, vcards and any UDH message with headers
  • Concatenated (Long) messages also know as multipart SMS messaging for long text messages
  • Delivery reports
  • Unicode SMS: Support all languages

international Sms Services

  • 2 Way SMS Messaging, Send And Receive Text Messages Worldwide
  • Web Interface For Full Control Over Your Account Including Real Time Logs And Reports
  • Access To Our Web SMS Applications
  • Intelligent Message Sending So That Your Messages Will Be Delivered Within Seconds
  • Dynamic Sender ID (OA) Originator Address Easily Specified As Any Name Or Number
  • Binary SMS Support For WAP Push, Ringtones, Logos, Vcards And Any UDH Message With Headers
  • Concatenated (Long) Messages Also Know As Multipart SMS Messaging For Long Text Messages
  • Delivery Reports
  • Unicode SMS: Support All Languages



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