At A High Level, Digital Marketing Refers To Advertising Delivered Through Digital Channels Such As Search Engines, Websites, Social Media, Email, And Mobile Apps. While This Term Covers A Wide Range Of Marketing Activities, All Of Which Are Not Universally Agreed Upon, We’ll Focus On The Most Common Types Below.

Content Marketing

Have You Heard The Expression, “Content Is King?” If Not, You Have Now. Great Content Is The Fuel That Drives Your Digital Marketing Activities:

  • It Is A Key Pillar Of Modern SEO

  • It Helps You Get Noticed On Social Media

  • It Gives You Something Of Value To Offer Customers In Emails And Paid Search Ads.

paid search

Paid Search, Or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Typically Refers To The “Sponsored Result” On The Top Or Side Of A Search Engine Results Page (SERP). You Only Pay When Your Ad Is Clicked. You Can Tailor Your PPC Ads To Appear When Specific Search Terms Are Entered, Creating Ads That Are Targeted To A Particular Audience.

PPC Ads Are Flexible, Visible, And Most Importantly, Effective For Many Different Types Of Organizations. They Are Also Contextual Advertisements—Ads That Appear When A Person Is Searching For A Particular Keyword Or Term.

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